Global Climate Strike in Satkhira, Bangladesh

LEDARS celebrate Global Climate Strike in Sundarbans area of Bangladesh. The Strike has been held in Shyamnagar, upazila(sub district) of Satkhira district in 16 March, 2019 along with more than 100 countries in the world.  The event was actually School Strike of School students/ children, the children from all over the world celebrate the “Global Climate Strike” by demanding to make the planet livable for them. More than 400 student attended the rally and mass gathering in Shyamnagar.

The Global Warming & Climate are change is real and it’s really happening. The developed countries and rising countries with industrial revolution emitting Carbon and Green House Gases to the atmosphere that is really exploring and accelerating Climate Change. The Scientists from the IPCC warning that we must have to stop GHGs, Carbon emission otherwise we will be in great problem to live in the planet earth.  The policy makers, the political leaders are talking about the Climate Change and their negative impact on all forms of life on planet earth. But they are doing actually nothing on those issues. Many agreements, policies and forum has been formed to reduce GHGs and other Climate Change agents but no one following those to  make the planet livable for all forms of life even for highest form of life human being. The children are suffering the most. They want the planet as comfortable living place. A teen girl Greta Thunberg accelerated the movement; she attended the latest Climate conference COP24 in Poland on 2018 and delivered speech to draw attention of world leaders and policy makers from the different corner of the world.

The Global Climate Strike movement got wind in the sail from her active initiative regarding Climate Change. The School students boycotted class for one hour to get Climate Justice to save the planet Earth. The school students from Nakipur H.C. Govt. Pilot High School, Nakipur Pilot Girls High School, Kanthalbaria A.G. High School, Atarjan Women College and Govt. Mohsin College here in Shyamnagar, Satkhira, Bangladesh strike the schools to draw attention of political leaders, policy makers, Climate negotiators and senior citizens to take action now to save the  Bangladesh, coastal area of Bangladesh, the largest mangrove forest Sundarbans, protect agricultural land from saline water, to protect embankment from Climatic disasters, tidal surges and so on. They stand on for the betterment of the planet Earth to live with comfort for the generations to the next. In Bangladesh people are taking action to protect from Climatic disasters especially the coastal area. The Youth Net for Climate justice organizing people in a platform to unify people to stand on especially for the children because they are the most vulnerable due to Climate Change. Dr. Abdul Mannan, Headteacher, Nakipur H.C. Govt. Pilot High School, Other school teachers, Md. Akbar Kabir, President of Shyamnagar pressclub, and other journalists from Shyamnagar press club, civil societies of Shyamnagar, Ranajit Kumar Mondal & Haridas Dhali Project Coordinator, Showkat Hossain, Advocacy Officer, of LEDARS, IUF representative Mr. Golam Sorwar and Md. Kamrul Hasan Program Officer (Agriculture, R&D) LEDARS were present in the Global Climate Strike. The Program was organized by LEDARS and Supported by IUF and Youth Net for Climate Justice