Development of the Center for Coastal Climate Resilient (C3R):

The southwest coastal region of Bangladesh is one of the most disaster-prone areas of the country as well as in the world due to its geographical location. Due to salinity intrusion, sea level rise, frequent disasters, shrimp cultivation, river bank erosion, people are immersed in distress in their livelihoods which force them to extract resources from Sundarbans or to migrate to safer places for better livelihood. Almost every year, the area faces remarkable cyclones signal level of 3-7, which creates anxiety of the community people. The shrimp induced unemployed people are fiercely engaged into forest resource collection. While the poor people go into the Sundarbans to earn their livelihood, they often become victims by the tigers. A significant number of tiger victims’ widows living in this area. It is alarming that a significant number of people are under threat and some are already migrated from this area for better and safe livelihoods. In the community, there are indigenous copping and adaptation technologies but that are not being promoted. Access to information on climate change, adaptation and mitigation is very poor.

Considering the situation, LEDARS is trying to develop a Center for Coastal Climate Resilient (C3R) in Munshigonj union, Shyamnagar upazila of Satkhira district. The major activities of the center are,

Establish a training facility for the community people and students: LEDARS bought 158.00 decimals land for the center and already developed training facilities by the financial support of 2 different donors. LEDARS already developed a three-storied building with well-equipped training facilities.

Development of demonstration plot on adaptive technology: In the center premises, LEDARS is demonstrating the viable climate adaptive technology like water treatment technology, climate adaptive irrigation system, different types of crop cultivation etc. Anyone can see the technology in the center.

Established a technology park: LEDARS is establishing a technology display center in the C3R campus. Viable adaptation and mitigation technologies for the coastal area are being installing. Community people, students, researchers, development activist can visit our technology park.

Established a laboratory: LEDARS established a laboratory in the center premises to provide support to community people. People can take support to test their soil and water in the laboratory.

Establishment of Knowledge Management Center: In the C3R campus, a knowledge management center is being developing. In initial phase a small library has been setup in the existing building. Student, community people, researchers visit everyday. Besides this handbook, posters, newsletter, other relevant important document has been developing.

Activities’ Photos