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Local Environment Development and Agricultural Research Society (LEDARS) is a non-profit and non-political organization that has been working for social, economical and environmental development of the poor and marginal people of the southwest coastal region of Bangladesh since 1996. The previous name of LEDARS was Gana Unnayan Shangstha (GUS). The name was changed to LEDARS in 2007 to address a government regulation and to avoid the duplication of another organization in the NGO Affairs Bureau. When unplanned shrimp cultivation, river erosion and various natural disasters compelled the coastal people to migrate to urban areas during the early 1990s, LEDARS emerged from a local club to a development organization to stand beside vulnerable people to support their livelihood security and establish their rights. LEDARS is registered under the Social Welfare Department and NGO Affairs Bureau, Government of Bangladesh. LEDARS is working with landless, marginal farmers, labour and women headed families, children and adolescents in the climate vulnerable area of Bangladesh.


LEDARS supports and equips people with appropriate methods to raise their voice for establishing basic and human rights, in order to ensure livelihood security of the most vulnerable and socially excluded segments of the population.


To contribute to poverty reduction of the poor and marginal groups through optimum usages of local resources.


  • Raising awareness about adverse effect of environmental degradation and climate change
  • Building capacity of marginalized communities to cope with climate change,
  • Promoting adaptive technology for climate change adaptation and mitigation specially in agriculture, water and livelihoods,
  • Conserving the bio-diversity of the Sundarbans mangrove forest and the coastal ecosystem,
  • Creating access to quality education for underprivileged children,
  • Organizing Sundarbans resource user community for sustainable resource management,
  • Creating opportunities to get access primary health care services of vulnerable communities specially Sundarbans resources user groups in islands,
  • Creating opportunities for vulnerable women, especially female-headed families to claims their rights and income security,
  • Contributing to build a just society through sensitizing people for sustainable environment, human rights sounds practices and good governance.

Working Strategies

* Ensuring community participation in social development
* Promoting local knowledge to combat global change
* Inspiring innovation for sustainability
* Engage youth for community development
* Public private partnership for social development

Address: Head Office
Village:Munshigonj, Post Office: Kadamtala,
Post Code:9455
Telephone:+8801713462821, +8801854802300,
Contact person:Mohon Kumar Mondal, Executive Director
Legal Status
Sl noAuthority Reg. No
1Social Welfare DepartmentSat- 241
2NGO Affairs Bureau2477

Management of LEDARS

A General Council consist of 19 members is the supreme authority of organization. General Council assembles held annually.  General Council  is responsible for approve yearly budget, program, expenditure and necessary approval of policies. General Council is also responsible for selection/election of Executive Committee (EC) for two years. The Executive Committee (EC) consists seven members chaired by president/chairman. Executive Committee (EC) is responsible for organizational management, approve quarterly budget and expenditures, new projects and overall control. On behalf of EC Secretary of the organization is accountable for program management internal and external controls. A 5 member advisory committee for support the Executive Committee for smooth operation of the organization. Following is our existing Executive Committee (2018-2020)

SL NoNameDesignationSexInvolvement with LEDARSProfessional Background
1Md. Nazrul IslamChairmanMale10 YearsFreedom Fighter and Teacher (rtd.) at Shyamnagar Govt. H.C Model School.
2Mr. Sunirmal Chandra Mondal Vice-ChairmanMale5 yearsHe is a Post Graduate holders and currently (rtd) as a Head Teacher at Banasree Skhikha Nikaton .
3Mr. Mohon Kumar MondalSecretaryMale27 yearsHe is Post Graduate in Geography and Environmental Science having experience 18 years in development field.
4Ms. Sujata Rani MistriTreasurerFemale19 yearsShe is Higher Secondary level and former elected local Government representative. Currently working as   Social Activist
5Mr. Chittoranjan Mridha MemberMale2 yearsHe is a social worker.
6Mr. Ranajit kumar BarmanMemberMale10 yearsJournalist and Teacher of Sundarbans Girls School.
7Ms. Amina Bilkis Mayna MemberFemale2 yearShe is a journalist at News24