Strengthening Livelihood Security of Climate Change Vulnerable People.

The negative impacts of climate change make Bangladesh one of the most vulnerable countries in the world. In the last  two decades or so, increased frequency of floods, droughts, tidal surge and cyclones caused extensive economic damage and impacted livelihoods of the poor and marginal population who have been living in the fragile coastal areas of Bangladesh. Extreme weather events, monsoon variability and Sea Level Rise (SLR) induced salinity have forced to change the traditional cropping patterns of agriculture. In many part of the coastal region crop cultivation has been replaced by shrimp farming in saline-water which occurs serious impact on livelihood and food security of marginalized population. The situation forced the climate induced migration. To improved quality of life of climate vulnerable people in the southwest coastal region, LEDARS has taken a pilot program with the support of Breaddsc06668 for the World. In this project, LEDARS will work with 400 vulnerable families to increase climate adaptive agro-based livelihood practices, improve food security and increase practices of climate change adaptive alternative livelihood and increased access to safe drinking water. Click here for detail

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