The youth of Shyamnagar Upazila organized a bi-cycle rally at the date of 26 November 2020 to express their demand on climate change towards the national and international leaders. More than hundreds of youths including boys and girls of different climate change affected areas of Shyamanaga Upazilla has joint the rally with their own bi-cycle.  Youth has organized this rally to show silent and quiet movement of coastal youth who are the worst victim of climate change against the carbon emitters. The rally as started from Dakbanglo Mor and it has finised at Upzaila Council, Shyamnagar. LEDARS, Shyamnagar Youth forum, Shaymnagar Jalobaue Parishad, CEDIO Youth team express their solidarity with this youth lead initiatives and expresses their commitment to continue their movement to establish the rights of climate-vulnerable people.