On Wednesday (21 September 2022) at 9:30 am in collaboration with non-governmental development organization LEDARS, Youth Forum and South Bedkashi Union Climate Resilient Forum were organized at Golkhali Closer of South Bedkashi Union of Koyra Upazila as part of Global Climate Strike Program 2022.

The climate strike program was presided over by Mr. Md. Rezaul Karim Ghazi, member of Ward No. 1 of Dakshin Bedkanshi Union Parishad, Mr. Md. Zafar Moral, President of Union Climate Resilient Forum, Agriculture Affairs Secretary Mr. Md. Shah Alam Gazi, Valient Freedom Fighter Mr. Md. Bulbul Tarafdar, Mr. Zahurul of Youth Forum has given their speeches.
Speakers at the strike said that the crisis has become extreme as a result of climate change. You have seen that we are losing thousands of crores of Taka every year due to collapse of embankment. So we have to unite and speed up this movement in order to survive.

Speakers also said that we as coastal dwellers suffered a lot and lost lots of lives along with the loss of all property including houses in the water. People are getting serious diseases and dying prematurely due to salt water intrusion. Education of boys and girls has stopped. People lost their jobs and became unemployed. Thousands of people are leaving the area due to climate change. We are demanding compensation from the leaders of the World Climate Council to overcome all these losses.