Workshop on agriculture and food right organized in Satkhira

A workshop on” Agriculture & Food right: prospective public manifesto “was held on October 28, 2018 at Shyamnagar Upazila Auditorium of Satkhira district in Bangladesh organized by LEDARS (Local Environment Development and Agricultural Research Society) and supported by KHANI (Khaddo Nirapotta Network). The main purpose of the workshop was to create awareness into the people especially into the farmers and food and agriculture related people about their rights on basic need  focused on agriculture & food, and how  & what they expect from the political parties in their manifesto in the upcoming national parliament election 2018. The participants were from different classes of people from Shyamnagar Upazila e.g. farmers, fishermen, tribal, journalist, small entrepreneur, small producer, school teachers, young people, women farmers, tiger widows and others. All of the participants express their thoughts and views about food & agriculture right in the workshop.  Since the Shyamnagar Upazila is closely adjacent to the largest mangrove forest Sundarbans and affected by various climate disasters like cyclones, storms, and negative impact of climate change is clearly visible in this Upazila. As a consequence of climate change people suffer a lot for example agriculture, livelihood, environment & education and people migrate to other cities even in the other countries in search of better livelihood.  The participants expressed their open thoughts and views on the basis of the present situation to maintain their living standard and what they expect from political parties about this. Public assertion by the participants is as follows

  • Guarantees for Safe food and nutrition security
  • Support for organic agriculture and storage local crops variety seeds
  • Subsidy in agriculture and interest free agriculture loan with easy condition
  • Special attention for coastal agriculture and reactivation of rural level IPM club
  • Establish agriculture service center in village level
  • Re excavation and rescue canals for irrigation and drainage
  • Establish agro based industry and factory
  • Inspection and investigation from government for selling seeds, fertilizers and pesticides

Teacher and heroic freedom fighter Mr. Nazrul Islam was the moderator of the workshop, two government officials (Agriculture officer and Fisheries officer), NGO representatives were present in the workshop.