Upazila Advocacy Forum, Assasuni sub-district, Union Climate Resilient Forum, Assasuni Sadar Union and Sovnali Union have jointly organized Human chain in Assasuni Upazila at 21 July 2020. Mr. Abdul Hannan, Upazila Freedom Fighter Commander, GM AL Faruk, President, Assasuni Press Club, Mr. Abdus Samad Bachu, Organizing Secretary, Upazila Awami League, Assasuni sub-district, Mr. paritosh baida, Advocacy officer of LEDARS were participated in the human chain. They said, no initiative has been taken to reconstruct the Dayarghat embankment after passing 2 months of the Amphan attack. Temporary ring dam has been put on the brick-built road without taking the protection measures in a very few length of place in the main embankment. They added that Protapnagar and Sreula Union till now underwater. They ask attention and prompt initiatives to protect the people who are facing waterlogged by breaking the embankment in the area Assasini Sadar, Pratapnagar, and Sreuala Union of Assasuni Upazila.