Journey on the way of success

I am Ruhul Kuddus Dhali (45) live in Uttar Kadomtala of Munshigonj union of Shyamnagar upazila under Satkhira district with my wife and two children. I had only 3 decimal land and I was maintaining my family by hand to mouth with my wife and 2 children. There was no other asset through which i can start any small business. Beside this it was very difficult to maintain the educational expense of my children. At that time I was mentally depressed and felt myself helpless. After that I was thinking if I could use my small land properly then my life would be easier. One day in 2013, I was walking in front of my house and saw two persons are coming nearby my house. I approached to them and introduced ourselves and exchanged greetings. The persons were from LEDARS and they described in brief about their activities. I expressed them about my problem and asked support from them. They assured me to provide support from AIGA program of LEDARS.

LEDARS has been implementing the project named “Strengthening Livelihood Security of Climate Change Vulnerable People” funded by the Bread for the world. Ruhul Kuddus got opportunity to be a member of Khejursari climate resilient group and he received 4 days training on goat rearing. After receiving training he got 8000 taka for goat rearing purpose. He bought 3 goat and made a small shed for goat rearing. From the beginning he worked hard to take care the goats. In 2015 he got 20000 taka by selling 2 goats and next year he got 25000 taka. Ruhul Kuddus thought that if he purchase cow for dairy purpose it would be more earning source. He bought one cow and after one year he got one calf from the cow. In 2016 he earned 60000 taka from goat and cow rearing both. After that he did not stop his income generating activities. He started vegetable cultivation and fish culture by taking lease with some lands. In 2018 LEDARS again provided him 5000 taka as incentive to inspire his good works. Ruhul Kuddus expressed that “I want to give thanks the LEDARS for their extensive support for which the success has been made possible. I am really happy and confident to continue my Journey on the way of success”.