The southwest coastal people are demotivated to use the Cyclone Shelter during disaster event, even the Law Enforcing Agencies force to the community people to use the Cyclone Shelter. To find out the cause of disinterest to take shelter, LEDARS conducted a study on that. After conducting the study on the capacity and people’s perception of Cyclone Shelter, LEDARS conducted a press conference to publish the research findings at Satkhira on 28 December 2021 with financial support of Bread for the World. The event was hosted by District Climate Change Advocacy Forum under the technical assistance of LEDARS. The meeting was presided over by Md. Anisur Rahim, Convener District Citizen Committee. The Civil Society Organization, Policy Actors, representative of print, electronic and Online media participated to the meeting. In order to assess the capacity and people’s perception on Cyclone Shelter, LEDARS conducted a cross sectional study at selected union under the Upazila of Burigoaliny, Shyamnagar of Satkhira District and Koyra under Khulna District. The study was conducted among 450 households where 1631 respondents participated. The major findings of the study were: only 20% population of coastal can use Cyclone Shelter during the Disaster according to its capacity. The management committee of the Cyclone Shelter is not functional. 44.51% people don’t want to go the Cyclone Shelter during the disaster events.

The major recommendations of the study are:

1) Need more cyclone shelter at coastal area
2) The effective actions need to be taken to improve the facilities of the Cyclone Shelters
3) Specific management committee is required to operate the Cyclone Shelters
4) The living environment of the Cyclone Shelters have to be Youth, woman and disabled friendly
5) Need to create more awareness among the community to use the Cyclone Shelter