The youth of Satkhira organized a road march on demanding climate justice on 25th September at Shyamnagar, Satkhira at the Global Climate Action Day. About 200 youths of Shyamnagar get together with personal health protection to uphold their demand on climate justice towards the national and global leaders on climate action week ’2020. Hundreds of young climate activists attended the program ignoring the adverse weather and have marched in roads with placards demanding on climate justice. LEDARS has provided all the technical support to organize the program.
Along with LEDARS, Fridays for Future Bangladesh, Youth Net for Climate Justice, Islamic Relief Bangladesh, CEDIO Youth Team, Nakshikatha express solidarity with this program. Mohan Kumar Mandal, Executive Director of LEDARS, Tahsin Aziz, representative of Islamic Relief Bangladesh, Faisal Hossain, representative of ICCCAD and Hafizur Rahman, convener of the World Climate Action Week-20 observation committee and other speaker deliver their speeches in this program showing solidarity. Speakers of this program, focus on the adverse effect of climate change on the lives and livelihood of the inhabitants of Southwestern coastal area of Bangladesh. They demanded the implementation of parish agreement and urged for just compensation from the developed countries.