Kash canal should be lease out in coastal area for resilient agriculture.

LEDARS distributed saline tolerant paddy seed among the farmers in coastal area to increase resilient agriculture. The southwest coastal area of Bangladesh is one of the saline deserts and disaster prone area of the country. The area is most vulnerable due to salinity increase in water in surface and under ground. Due to climate change, soil, water, nature and environment of coastal area are affected by salinity seriously. As a result, farmers could not cultivate paddy in even in Amon season. LEDARS implementing a project entitled “Strengthening Livelihood Security of Climate Change Vulnerable People” to increase capacity of farmers in the coastal area. Under the project

LEDARS providing training on adaptive agriculture, seed and organic fertilizer to farmers for resilient paddy and vegetable cultivation to make them practice.

According to farmers demand for saline tolerant paddy seed LEDARS take decision to provide support for Amon season in 2017. For distribute paddy seed to farmer LEDARS organize a distribution ceremony dated 22 June 2017. Chief Guest of the distribution ceremony was S.M. Jaglul Haider, honorable MP, Satkhira 4. Borigoalini UP Chairman Mr. Vabotosh Mondal, Assistant Agriculture Officer Parvez Jaman, social worker S.M Jahangir Hossain, teacher, students, journalist and LEDARS staff participated in the seed distribution ceremony. A discussion meeting was held at LEDARS office campus which presided over by Mr. Mohon Kumar Mondal, Executive Director of LEDARS. Above 4 hundred Farmers received the rice seeds.

Chief Guest MP S.M Jaglul Haider said that since long time LEDARS has been working for climate vulnerable people in this coastal area. To protect coastal environment, water and agriculture LEDARS providing different support to the people. It is important to increase capacity of our farmers to combat negative impact of climate change. To increase people’s resiliency, he will demand to government to lease out of Kash canals in the coastal area.