Annual farming innovation fair inspired farmers for resilience agriculture

Annual farming innovation fairs has been organized by Union Climate Resilient Groups and Farmers Cooperatives in Shyamnagar and Koyra upazila of Satkhira and Khulna district. The fair focused the climate resilient strategy in the coastal area through create awareness, demonstration, lecture and discussion to the program participants, local farmers, community, and local government representatives. Farmers demonstrated innovative resilient technologies what they are practicing in their life. The technologies

The technologies are crop cultivation in vertical earth tower, zero tillage vegetables cultivation, water management for optimum use of available rainwater, saline tolerant rice cultivation using saline water, ideal farm house, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Integrated Crop Management (ICM) for Fish-rice-vegetables cultivation, Organic Fertilizer & Pesticides use technologies, etc. In this Annual Farming Innovation Fair- farmers organized their traditional game and song competitions among women & men farmers. At the end of the fair, some innovative prizes given for best farmers for the year, best innovative stall, winner team of different competitions, etc.

S.M. Mohshin-ul-Mulk, Upazila Chairman (Acting), Shyamnagar Upazila Parishad, Shyamnagar, Satkhira, G.M. Kobi Samsur Rahaman, Chairman of South Bendkashi Union, Koyra upazila, Krishibid Abul Hossain Mia, Upazila Agriculture Officer, DAE, Shyamnagar, Krishibid S.M. Mizan Mahamud, Upazila Agriculture Officer, DAE, Koyra were the chief guest of the closing session of those fairs. Md. Nur Ali Biswas, Sub Assistant Agriculture Officer, DAE, Shyamnagar, Md. Abdul Mannan and Mr. Gurudash Kumar, SAAO, DAE, Koyra, Ms. Shelly Mohabbat, Head Teacher of Gharilal Govt. Primary School, Md. Akbar Hossain, Member, Munshigonj Union Parishad, Ms. Sita Rani Baidha and Mr. Sudhangshu Kumar Ray, Member, Kashimary Union Parishad, Mr. Ramesh Chandra Sarkar and SK. Rabiul Islam, member of South Bendkashi Union, Parishad, Journalist and EC member Mr. Ranjit Barmon, were the special guest. Mohon Kumar Mondal, Executive Director of LEDARS was the Chair of the closing sessions. The annual farming innovation fair organized under the project of ‘Strengthening Livelihood Security of Climate Change Vulnerable People Project’ which is implemented by LEDARS and funded by German based organization ‘Bread for the World’.