Quick response in diarrhea outbreak in action of Facebook post.

LEDARS organized a free health care camp at Sora Madhpara village in Ward 6 ward under Ramnanagar Union of Shyamnagar Upazila in a quick response of Facebook post. The free health care camp was inaugurated by Sheikh Abdullah Al-Mamun, Chairman of the Ramzannagar Union Parishad. Member of the concern ward Mr. Nuruzzaman, Dr. Subrata Roy, Sabina Yasmin, Madhai Chandra Sarkar from LEDARS and distinguished public representatives from the area were present as special guest. Suddenly 70% of villagers of the mentioned village affected diarrhea diseases. Community people post a status in Facebook informing the severity of the diseases. The post has drawn the attention of LEDARS management, and LEDARS went quick response. A team has visited the affected village to figure out the situation and needs. They found that 125 people got affected by degasses. The water source and technology (Pond Sand Filter-PSF) they drink was inactive and dirty. In response to this condition, LEDARS arranged a day long health camp with a 4 member’s team and medicine at 23 may 2019. This camp provided primary healthcare to 92 patients.  LEDRAS also provide technical support to reactivate the inactive PSF and clean the water sources. In addition, the PSF whose water is responsible for diarrhea infection was reformed so that no one else will be infected with diarrhea. Chairman of the concern Union Parishad thanks to LEDRAS for rapid response and support of his inaugural speech.