Climate change has severely affected the people’s health in the coastal area. As a result, the incidence of various diseases ‍are increasing in the coastal areas. Especially women and children are suffering from these diseases. In these coastal areas neither there is good health care centers, good doctors nor good quality medicine facilities. Even if there are limited medicine shops sold the medicine at a high rate.

Realizing the sufferings LEDARS operates medical camps in every month at 14 remote and island area of Shyamnagar and Koyra Upazila. In November, 2020 LEDARS organizes the 14 medical camps where 492 (128 are males, 312 are females and 52 are children) patients received health care support including, prescription, medicine and counselling. It is mentionable that, people in these area usually suffer from water borne diseases, skin diseases, cold, cough, fever, high blood pressure, reproductive health diseases, arthritis, scrubs and back pain. Ms. Kalidasi Rani, lives in Choramukha village at Dakshin Bedkashi union of Koyra Upazila, said that “I never believes that I get those quality medicine and counselling. I am very happy. And I think this services reduce hardship of our lives. I am very thankful to LEDARS for such a services.’’