Press conferences with media to celebrate Global Climate Action Week – 2019

Activities with short description-

At the beginning of this week, LEDARS organized press conference on 20th September at Satkhira Zilla Press club and Shymnagar Upazilla Press Club. The objective of this press conference was to inform the media about all of our programs in climate action week and raise the issue in national level. Mr. Nazrul Islam, Convinnor of Organizing Committee and Freedom Fighter, delivered the speech at the press conference. At the written statement, he highlighted the sufferings of people in different parts of the country.  As a country our responsibility for global warming or climate change is negligible, but we are the most affected country due to negative impact of global change. In Bangladesh, river erosion, tides, long-term floods, water logging, drought, excess salinity problems are now evident. Climate change is threatening our food and nutritional security by destroying our agriculture and biodiversity. Children, adolescents and their families in Haor, coastal areas and remote areas are deprived of the minimum services required. He also mentioned our demands towards government and global leaders in this conference. An open discussion session was also held after presentation of press note. Mr. Mohon Kumar Mondal answered the question raise by journalist.