The low-lying areas of the coast are being submerged by the normal tidal waters in the coastal areas. As a result, the livelihood of the region is under threat. That is why despite the touch of development of the government has reached the coastal areas like the country; it is at risk today due to the lack of sustainable embankments. Therefore, special allocation should be made for the construction of sustainable embankments. Coastal Development Board should be formed immediately like the Haor Development Board to ensure the sustainable development of the coast. The group of Journalists of Dhaka made the demands at a press conference with local journalists after visiting the coastal area. The press conference was held in Satkhira Press club on Sunday 12 September with journalists organized by the District Climate Advocacy Forum which was collaborated by LEDARS. The press conference was chaired by Prof. Abdul Hamid, District Climate Advocacy Forum of Satkhira and moderated by the Coordinator of the Sundarban O Upokul Shurokkha Andolon (Sundarbans and Coast Protection Movement) Nikhil Chandra Bhadra. Palash Ahsan, Ekattar Television Joint Chief Message Editor, Mohon Kumar Mondal, Executive Director of LEDARS, Sakila Parveen from SHACETON, Timon Barai of Faith in Action, Madhav Chandra Dutta, Secretary of Advocacy Forum, Md. Anisur Rahim, Satkhira District Citizens Committee, Convener and member of Climate Advocacy Forum, Mohammad Ali Sujan, Satkhira Press Club Secretary, Subhash Chowdhury, District Correspondent of NTV and Daily Jugantar, Md. Abdul Jalil, Satkhira correspondent of Mohana Television, Ahsanur Rahman, Jamuna TV Staff Reporter, Riyad Hossain, Gazi TV Satkhira representative Kamrul Hasan and others spoke on the occasion. The press conference said that the crisis in public life in the coastal region is constantly increasing due to the harmful effects of climate change. Super Cyclone Amphan and Yaas have intensified the crisis. The people of the coast are still carrying the wounds of the cyclone. Seeing the clouds in the sky, the people of the area panic. Long-term action plans need to be taken along with sustainable dams on the coast to protect from the panic. They said mentioning that many problems of the coast can be solved through proper management, but unfortunately many projects are taken without considering the importance and without scrutiny. In this way, Government money is wasted. But the important projects of the coast keep waiting to pass. The Prime Minister’s announcement to overcome this situation “Leave none behind, move forward with everyone “needs to be implemented. They hope that the development of the coast will be ensured through the joint efforts of all.