LEDARS distributed awareness materials and hygiene among community people to prevent COVID-19 in Satkhira and Khulna district. LEDARS observed that people are gathering in Mosque and Temple without any protective measure. In this regard, LEDARS has taken quick initiatives to distribute the festoon with Corona Virus preventive information and hygiene materials to Mosque and Temple to prevent COVID 19 pandemic. Maximum people of South-Asia are habituated to go in the community praying institute regularly and most of the people in LEDARS working area are Muslim and Hindu.
It it is need to prevent community contamination, it needs to make aware the people who are going Mosque and Temple. LEDARS distributed leaflets and fixed festoon Temple and Mosque. Simultaneously, LEDARS distributed soap, bleaching powder, bucket and water pot so that people can wash their hand before entrance. LEDARS staff oriented the committee members and religious leader of Mosque and temple during festoon distribution and the religious leader has been disseminating the Corona Virus preventing information to the people who are coming the Temple and Mosque with maintaining the social distance as per instruction of the government of Bangladesh. They have been oriented about Corona Virous, way of Corona Virous spreading, mask using technique, concept of quarantine, home quarantine and isolation, hand washing technique, etc. At the same time people have informed about the hotline number for getting the CORONA support from government promptly. The support has been distributed with the support of Bread for the World and Manusher Jonno Foundation and UK Aid.