On June 21, 2022, LEDARS facilitated a Canal re-excavation in Golkhali village of Koyra sub-district to create a fresh water reservoir and increase agricultural production by irrigation from the canal. The initiative was taken by the Canal Re-excavation Committee and Union Climate Resilient Forum and was financed by the Bread for the World. The Vice Chairman of Koyra Upazila Parishad Mr. Kamolesh Sana was present as the chief guest and inaugurated the Canal re-excavation work.

The crisis at the coastal area is increasing day by day due to the impact of climate change. Among many, the crisis is more impacted in the agricultural sector. To overcome the crisis, LEDARS is taking initiatives to facilitate the re-excavation of canals to increase agricultural production and create fresh water reservoirs with a view to promoting single crop land to multi-cropping also to protect the dry season crops. As a result, around 40.47 hectares of land will come under multiple crops. Besides, vegetable cultivation on the embankment of the canal, native fish sanctuary will also be created. In this way, if farmers are encouraged to be more engaged in agriculture, the dependency on the Sundarbans will be reduced and employment opportunities will increase. Finally, food safety risks will be reduced.

Mr. Md. Shah Alam Gazi, Secretary of Agriculture of South Bedkashi Union Climate Resilient Forum, Mr. Abu Salam Khan, Panel Chairman of South Bedkashi Union, Mr. Rezaul Karim, President of Canal Re-excavation Committee and UP member of Ward No. 1, former chairman Mr. Md. Manjur Alam Nannu, Mr. Md Showkat Hossain, Project Coordinator of LEDARS and other prominent figures of the area were also present during the opening ceremony of canal re-excavation.

The chief guest said, “Golkhali village is located in the southernmost part of Bangladesh. Re-excavation of the canal here will create a fresh water reservoir which will enable the farmers to produce crops three times a year. The market value of such crops will be above sixty thousand taka per 0.40 hectares. It will bring smile on the face of the vulnerable poor farmers. After the completion of the canal re-excavation activities, the Koyra Upazila administration will take initiatives to re-excavate the remaining part of the canal.