LEDARS organized a day-long free gynecological and maternal health care camp on January 27 (Friday) at 9 am in 71 no. Burigoalini Forest Government Primary School of Shyamnagar Upazila with the support of Give Bangladesh Foundation and Bread for the World.
The gynecological and maternal health services camp was attended by Mohon Kumar Mondal, Executive Director of LEDARS, Give Bangladesh Foundation President Md. Saifullah Mithu, Khandkar Abir Hossain Noor, Executive Director, LEDARS project coordinator Md. Mosharaf Hossain, monitoring officer Ranajit Kumar Mondal. A group of staff of Give Bangladesh Foundation, Dr. Sadah Hasan, MBBS, Dr. Ayesha Akhtar Nipa, MBBS, Dr. Raihan Ferdous Dola, MBBS, Dr. Rafa Mallick, MBBS, Dr. Mukta, MBBS, provided treatment to the patients.
Coastal disasters have increased due to climate change. As a result salinity has increased. Unemployment has increased due to decline in agricultural production. There is a shortage of fresh water. The number of women shrimp workers has increased. Coastal women have to drink salt water, bathe in salt water. In addition, coastal women are working as laborers in fishing and collecting shrimp fries in the river to make a living. As a result, due to staying in salt water for a long time, women of different ages experience many problems regarding gynecological and reproductive health.

Due to the inadequacy of health services in these coastal unions and the upazila health complex being far away, most of the women are losing interest in taking health services. Moreover, when these women go to a male doctor for treatment of gynecological diseases, they hesitate to disclose everything because of shyness. As a result, they fail to get proper medical care.
Five very prominent female doctors provided treatment to the patients. 200 women were given tokens considering the complexity of the disease based on prior online application. Besides, 10 girls aged between 12 to 25 have been given cervical cancer vaccination.