Community-level institutions, markets, public gathering places are not well equipped and supportive to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic situation. In this context, LEDARS has installed 20 hand washing stations at the community level with the support of Christain Aid, Bangladesh, and IRISH Aid in the working area of Shyamnagar and Kaliganj sub-district of Satkhira district. These hand washing facilities are supporting the community people when staying outside of the household to keep them safe. Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer, Kaliganj, Satkhira, concerned chairman of Union Council, local civil society members were present during the inauguration of hand washing station. 11 hand washing stations have been installed at concern 11 Union Council premises and 9 stations at public gathering places at the community level, like- bus stand, motorcycle stand, market, boat landing point, etc. The station has been set with 300 liter water container and iron structure. LEDARS engage 1 person to refill the water tank and place the soap in the station every day. Local 5 CSOs are taking care the hand wash station.