Due to the impact of climate change, the water level has increased more than before. Recently from July 17, 2022 high tides overtopped the coastal embankment and saline water entered to the locality, forcing people out of their homes. The shortage of drinking water and other essential materials has become evident.

Considering the context, from July 21, 2022, LEDARS started supply of drinking water and distributed among the victims of high tide in front of Dwipayan School of Burigoalini Union. Haji Nazrul Islam, chairman of Burigoalini Union, inaugurated the distribution of drinking water on the occasion.

Lastly on July 24, 2022, when the high tide broken the embankment in Durgabati village, about fifteen thousand people of ten villages were trapped in the saline water. Hundreds of fresh water ponds in these villages are contaminated by saline water. These water-logged people face crisis for food, water and essential materials. Especially the drinking water crisis has become evident. LEDARS distributed 1000 liters of drinking water per day to solve the water crisis in this area.