On January 05 (Thursday) at 11 am, LEDARS distributed 4135 kg of paddy seeds and 4170 kg of fertilizer among 419 farmers affected by the disaster at the Center for Coastal Climate Resilient of LEDARS, supported by Living waters.
Asim Mridha, Chairman of Munshiganj Union Parishad No. 7, presided over the event as Chief Guest, Mohon Kumar Mondal, Executive Director of LEDARS, Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer Md. Jamal Hossain, UP Member of Ward No. 1,2 and 3 Nipa Chakraborty, UP Member of Ward No. 1 Haridas Halder, Monitoring Officer of LEDARS Ranajit Kumar Mondal, Shampa Biswas, Senior Field Facilitator of LEDARS conducted the whole program.
Due to climate change, disasters have increased more than before. Salt tolerant Bri rice-67 has been distributed during Roro season to overcome disaster losses and increase saline and stress tolerant agricultural production and encourage farmers.

The chief guest said, “LEDARS have been supporting farmers with various technologies, seeds, fertilizers etc. every year. In continuation of this, the farmers are being supported this year as well. He urged farmers to increase production through these seeds. He also expressed gratitude to LEDARS for standing by the side of farmers.

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