LEDARS Annual Report 2017-18

Message from the Executive Director

LEDARS -Local Environment Development and Agricultural Research Society is a non-government organization working in the southwest coastal region of Bangladesh since 1996. LEDARS has been registered by Social Welfare Department and NGO Aairs Bureau, Government of Bangladesh. Currently LEDARS is working with 11,249 families by dierent programs in dierent remote areas. I am very much pleased to present the annual report for the scal year of 2017-18. The report demonstrates the achievements, progress and a glimpse of projects. This scal year was very much challenging because we have done a lot of works and most of them were new for us.

In this year, LEDARS focuses on the climate resilient agriculture, adaptive livelihoods, integrated water management for drink and irrigation, environmental conservation, promotion of science education and health services in the southwest coastal region of Bangladesh.

LEDARS is educating the beneciaries by farmers eld School, community meeting, printing and publishing IEC materials like leaets, posters, ip chart, booklets, and billboards. LEDARS also published a crop calendar that was a special printed material for climate vulnerable farmer. LEDARS is thankful to all supporting Government Organization like District Administration, Upazila Administration, Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE), Fisheries, Livestock, Soil Resource Development Institute (SRDI), Social Welfare Department, Upazila and Union Parishads.

We express our gratitude to all of our supporting donor organizations, NGOs, well wishers and other stakeholders for their enormous support to overcoming this challenging year. We are also very much thankful to all of our devoted colleagues for their hard labor to reach a milestone of our missions.

Details Link: LEDARS Annual Report 2017-18 Final