LEDARS and Sundarbans & Coastal Protection Movement jointly organized human chain and mass gathering in capital for demanding the coastal area as climate hotspot of the country. The human chain and mass gathering was held on 18 December, 2020 in front of the National Press Club, Dhaka. Nikhil Chandra Bhadra, coordinator of the Sundarbans and Coastal Protection Movement, presides over the program. Mr. Ruhin Hossain Prince, Leader of National Committee for Protection of Oil, Gas and Power Ports; Mr. Mihir Biswas, Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA); Mr. Aminur Rasul Babul, Unnayan Dhara Trust; Md. Moniruzzaman Mukul, Representative of KNH Germany; Scan President Jahangir Nakir; Sakila Parveen Ruma delivered their speeches at the event.

Speakers at the mass gathering said that the crisis of people’s life in the southwest coastal areas of the country is increasing day by day due to climate change. They are facing frequent disaster and people have to flow down by sea water if the situation is being continued like that way. Due to lack of enough cyclone shelter, drinking water, strong embankment and livelihood, people are leaving coastal area to cities and abroad. It is a human crisis. Government of Bangladesh are expending money for climate action, but the mentioned area is always deprived by the just allocation. Speakers of the event has demanded a special allocation by declaring the coastal area as Climate Hotspot of the country. Speakers of the event also demanded stronger and sustainable embankments, adequate cyclone shelters, emergency funds, coastal development board and sustainable solutions of drinking water for all coastal people. They also mention that people have constitutional right to get safe drinking water. Government earns a lot of foreign exchange every year by exporting shrimp produced in the coastal areas. But the prolonged drinking water crisis caused by salinity intrusion what has not yet been addressed.