A Human Chain was held on 23rd February 23 2022 in front of the South Bedkashi Union Parishad of Koyra Upazila in collaboration with the LEDARS, Koyra Upazila Climate Advice Forum, Koyra Upazila Youth Forum, South Bedkashi Union Climate Resilient Forum and the Sundarbans and Coastal Protection Movement. Chairman of Dakshin Bedkashi Union, Morol Aser Ali was present as the chief guest at the human chain.

People of the South Bedkashi Union have demanded removal of saline water from paddy land to survive the adverse effects of climate change. Due to the adverse effects of climate change, the crisis in the public of the coastal people is constantly increasing. To address this crisis, action needs to be taken to build sustainable embankments, ensure potable water and protect coastal livelihoods.  Ms. Nilima Chakraborty, Member of Upazila Climate Advocacy Forum presided over the event. Panel Chairman Md. Abu Salam Khan, Agriculture Secretary of Union Climate Resilient Forum Mr. Shah Alam Gazi, Assistant Headmaster Ms. Nimai Chandra Mandal, Teacher, Mr. Nikhil Chandra Mistry, Teacher, Mr. Matiur Rahman and Teacher, Mr. Omar Ali, civil society representative Mr. Zafar Mollah, acting market committee president Mr. Radhapado Mandal and others delivered speech at human chain