A human chain and civic mobilization were held on 29 September 2023 in Shyamnagar of Satkhira to demand specific commitment to solve the coastal crisis in the election manifesto of different political parties in the upcoming 12th National Parliament elections. The south-western region of Bangladesh is one of the vulnerable areas of climate change. Due to climate change, cyclones, tidal waves and salinity are increasing at a significant rate. These natural disasters are putting the people of southwestern coastal areas of Bangladesh towards various crises. In this respect, representatives of civil society have made specific demands for overcoming this crisis as well as for the development of coastal people. In Shyamnagar, human chain and civic gatherings were organized collectively by Upazila Climate Advocacy Forum, Bangladesh Muktijoddhya (Freedom Fighters) Sangsad, Bangladesh Small Fishermen Association, Khutikata Ekota Jubo Sangha, Nil Akash Youth Organization, Upazila Janasangathan Sommonoy Kendra, Shyamnagar Youth Club by the support of LEDARS.

They organized the cghain and gathering at the micro stand of Shyamnagar Upazila of Satkhira demanding 8 points for the development of the coastal people. The chain addressed by freedom fighters Master Nazrul Islam, President, Mr. Ranjit Burman, General Secretary, Mr. Manabendra Debnath, Assistant Professor & Advocacy Secretary of Upazila Advocacy Forum along with many others leaders of different organizations. The speakers articulated that due to climate change, the lives of the people in the southwest coastal areas of Bangladesh are under threat. In order to relieve, the government must take appropriate initiatives and make a grand plan to address these crisis. All the speakers collective raised their 8 point demands are includes declaration of South West Coastal Area as disaster prone area; formation of Coastal Development Board; allotting special allocation in the national budget in every financial year; ensuring the supply of fresh drinking water in the coastal areas;  a house-a shelter construction project; reconstruction and maintenance of sustainable embankment; enhance tree plantation program and create green belt and taking effective steps to protect the Sundarbans. All the speakers demanded to include all the points in the election manifesto of different political parties on the eve of 12th national parliament election and emphasized to undertake appropriate grand plan for the development of the coastal people.