Health and Nutrition

A. River Ambulance for Tiger Victims in Sundarbans

Sundarbans neighborhood families lead their life based on the resource tapping of Sundarbans. So sometimes they are the victim of the tiger while they are in forest. As the palace is very remote, the tiger victims do not get the opportunities to get the primary health service; even cannot go to the hospital. Under this service, LEDARS provides not only the first aid services but also take the responsibilities to carry the victim from the occurred place to the hospital.

B. Primary Health Care Project in Sundarbans island area

LEDARS working is a impact zone of the Sundarbans. A large number of people engaged resource tapping from the Sundarbans for their livelihoods. Killing of poor laborers by the royal Bengal tigers has become a regular phenomenon in the Sundarbans. Not all the people who become attacked by the tiger in the jungle die on the spot. Serious injured person dies easily because of heavily blooding, bacterial infection taking a long time to hospitals. As it is remote area of the country, physicians are not ready to stay in the rural level Government medical facility like Union Mother and Child Care Centers. People have to rely on the village doctors. The health situation is so neglected in poor community in the island area. LEDARS manage some space to organize this community medical service camp in the working area. Our medical assistant/paramedic sits there after 15 days interval, prescribe all patients and provide only medicine support for the card holders.