Half-yearly coordination meeting of Union Climate Resilience Forum was held in 5 unions facilitated by LEDARS in Shyamnagar upazila of Satkhira and Koyra Upazila of Khulna by the support of German based donor organization Bread for the World. The half-yearly coordination meetings were held respectively on 10 December 2023 at South Bedkashi Union of Koyra upazila of Khulna district, 12 December 2023 at Gabura Union, 14 December 2023 at Munshiganj Union, 19 December 2023 at Ishwaripur Union and 20 December 2023 at Kashimari Union of Shyamnagar upazila of Satkira district.

Those coordination meetings were organized by Union Climate Resilience Forum together cooperation of LEDARS. The previous six-monthly action plan of those Forums was discussed and reviewed in those meetings. Simultaneously with the aim to create massive awareness at the local level, local problems identification, distribution of leaflets, human chain, sending of memorandums and increasing the engagement with the local level leaders were discussed. All the speakers in the meeting highlighted that the south-west coastal area of ​​Bangladesh is very much vulnerable due to climate change. Besides, natural disasters are increasing at a significant rate. All the members realized the need to work exclusively to solve the crisis that climate change has created in the coast. And if everybody work together, then it would be effective for them to overcome those problems.

Speakers in the meeting also emphasized that many improvements have been made in the agricultural sector of this area by the supports of LEDARS. Everybody expressed their views on what to do in the crisis due to the effect of climate change in this meeting. An action plan of each Union Forum for the next 6 months was prepared. Members of the forums expect that the plan will play an effective role in mitigating the effect of climate change in their daily life and protecting the rights as well.