Students started journey for making green campus

30 student clubs started tree plantation in their campus to contribute climate and environment conservation in coastal area managing local resources. Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries of climate change due to its geographical location and population size. It is one of the climate hot spot of the country. Due to salinity increase in soil and water the physical environment declining day by day. South part of Shyamnagar & Koyra Upazila looks like saline desert. According to different research finding, the soil and water salinity of coastal area has increased gradually since last 12 years.

To protect the coastal environment, climate and livelihoods in this area, initiatives of local people is necessary. In this context, the student science clubs took initiatives to make their campus green.

Recently, 30 (thirty) science club students of different high schools of Shyamnagar Upazila has taken tree plantation initiatives in their School boundary saving their tiffin money. Science club committee is collecting money from each class, their teacher and also from community. Then they are buying saline tolerant trees and planting in their school ground. Besides this student club committee has made fence to protect planted trees. Sanjida Ajom, President of Sir Carlos Lineups Science Club of Safurunnisa High School of Shyamnagar Upazila said, “We have started our journey how to green our school campus through local resource collection. If we want we can contribute our climate and environment. This extra curriculum activity inspire me and also our friends to work for local development. We will leave this school, but the tries will enrich our campus.

In this year, LEDARS mobilizing youth and students to make green the 30 school and colleges campus under the project ‘Youth Mobilization for Sundarbans Conservation’. We are organizing discussion meeting with students and teacher. Then leaders of the students clubs collect money and purchase tress. Already we plated trees in 10 school and we will complete tree plantation within the rainy season in rest of the institute. It is mentionable that, after completion the first round tree plantation in Autulia Abdul Kader School and college, the motivated students did not stop their campaign. They collect more money and plant more trees in the National Mourning Day, 15 August 2017. Md. Azahar Uddin, Head Teacher of Kathalbaria A.G. High School thanks to LEDARS to engage their student in this social and environment conservation work. Mr. Suvash Chandra Mondal, the Principal of Atulia Abdul Kader School & Collage said, it is a great initiative that students making the campus green in 30 educational institutes in Shyamnagar. It is very important for our coastal environment, our life and livelihoods. Mr. Aziar Rahaman, Principal, Bhurulia Sirajpur School and College make some committee to protect the trees in their campus. He also makes some committee to develop some science project.