On September 23, 2022, in front of the Shyamnagar Upazila Parishad at 10 am, the World Climate Strike Program 2022 has been organized by the Shyamnagar Upazila Climate Advocacy Forum and the Shyamnagar Upazila Youth Forum in collaboration with the non-governmental development organization LEDARS.

The President of Shyamnagar Upazila Climate Advocacy Forum and Freedom Fighter Master Mr. Nazrul Islam presided over the climate strike program, Forum Editor, Journalist and Teacher Mr. Ranjit Burman, Forum member and assistant professor Mr. Manbendra Debnath, Forum member and UP women member Ms Delwara Begum, were also presented in the program. Upazila Youth Forum President Mr. Mominur Rahman and Secretary Mr. Maksudur Rahman Milon, Swaruf Youth Team Executive Director Ms Jannatul Naeem and others also presented at the event.

The negative impact of climate change is affecting all development steps in coastal areas as well as around the world. Developed countries are accelerating climate change by emitting greenhouse gases. Bangladesh is facing more losses despite not playing any role. Coastal areas are particularly at risk. Swedish school student protester Greta Thunberg’s Fridays for the Future, general public, youth and school students from all over the world are holding mass meetings, rallies, human chains and street marches to combat the negative effects of climate change and establish climate justice. In line with this, LEDARS, Shyamnagar Climate Consultative Forum and Shyamnagar Upazila Youth Forum are declaring solidarity with the world, especially Bangladesh’s coastal issues and demands at the national and international level to highlight the “Global Climate Strike Programme”.

AT first, they gathered in front of the Upazila Parishad and took out a rally by displaying banners and placards. Near to police station the rally turned around and blocked the main road in front of the Awami League office. At that time there was a lot of sloganeering. After the siege, Shyamnagar Youth Forum announced the end of the siege by giving a speech in front of the Upazila Press Club.

Speakers at the climate strike said, “We live on the coast, we are affected by climate change in many ways. If we are not aware today and we do not expose our losses to the world then we will be in grave danger in the future. That is why we are calling everyone to declare solidarity with this movement.

The speakers raised the demands and said that the south-west coastal region should be declared a disaster prone area, permanent and strong embankments should be rebuilt keeping in mind the climate change and disasters, a house-a-farm project should be adopted along the coast, and a house-a-shelter project should be adopted. Sustainable and permanent solutions for food and water for all coastal people, compensation for all coastal people affected by climate change must be provided.