Biosand Filter made Firoza Begum’s life happy.

Srifalkati village of Shyamnagar upazila is densely populated area near Sundarabans. Feroza Begum(30) is living in this village with 2 kids. Feroza Begum’s husband Md. Rabiul Islam works as lay labor in this area and often pulling rickshaw in Dhaka. Feroza Begum has a daughter and a son in her family. During her husband staying in Dhaka, Firoza Begum have to do all the work of her family. The main problem of their family is often sickness of her son due to dirty drink water. The source of drinking water is located far away and that is pond water. It took a lot of time to bring water and she suffering most as she has a baby. The only son of Feroza Begum’s suffer diarrhea and dysentery most of the time. She always feel dishearted as her son cannot play like other children. Firoza Begum need to purchase medicine regularly.

LEDARS implementing a water related program, provide biosand filter to those families who have source of sweet pond water with support from OHorizons (A USA base charity organization). Feroza Begum ask LEDARS to give a biosand filter for her family. She attend biosand filter orientation. LEDARS istall the filter her kitchen. Firoza Begum carefully maintains the filter. Feroza Begum now gives water in the bio-sand filter from the pond next to her house. Now they drink filter water event use that water for cook food. After some days she found that her son is not getting sick and can play with other children. Now Feroza Begum is happy because she need not buy medicine regularly and need not to go far away to collect water. Firoza Begum could not imagine that, her son could return normal life within so short time.