Emergency Response

A. Quick Response in SIDR.

In November 2007, the southwestern part has been seriously affected by super cyclone SIDR. More than 4000 people were died in that cyclone. Total coastal area were divested. LEDARS provided quick relief to the SIDR victims households in Gabura, Burigalini and Munshigonj union in Shyamnagar upazila of Satkhira district.

B. Cyclone SIDR Rehabilitation Program with Pond Sand Filters (PSF)

Gabura Union is the most affected area by SIDR in Shyamnagar. All the drinking water sources were damaged and full by saline water. LEDARS dewatered the ponds, excavate and install 5 PSF in 5 villages in Gabura with the support of Asia Arsenic Network. Besides that LEDARS donated 20 cyclone resistance low cost houses to the widows families in Gabura.

C. AILA Emergency Response Program

LEDARS quick responded at the AILA affected area and distributed a huge relief to the community in Padmapukur, Gabura, Burigoalini and Munshigonj Union with the support of Action Aid Bangladesh, BARCIK, Asia Arsenic Network, Niagara Volunteer for Bangladesh and LEDARS own funds.

D. Early Recovery Program of AILA

LEDARS took initiatives to early recovery program in Gabura union with the support of Save the Children, Asia Arsenic Network and Niagara Volunteer for Bangladesh. LEDARS dewatering 17 ponds in the area and re-activating 17 PSF’s. LEDARS also provide support to 100 vulnerable adolescent girls families in Koyra and Shyamnagar Upazila which is most affected area of the AILA.

E. Protection of Adolescent Girls affected by cyclone AILA in Bangladesh.

The project made 4 Child friendly Space in Koyra and Shyamnagar upazila in Khulna and Satkhira district. 50 adolescent girls were accommodate in each space. The adolescent girls stayed whole day there. The facilitator providing them training on life skills. There have enough space and scope for reproductive health care. Then the adolescent girls trained on climate change, adaptation, adaptive agriculture, disaster mitigation, safe migration and reproductive health. The adolescent girls work in the community level for raising awareness on the above subject and teach the primary school student who can not go to school due to flood of AILA.