East Jalakhali, is one of the most climate vulnerable village of Munshigonj union under Shyamnagar upazila of Satkhira. People are living here to fight with salinity, cyclone and tidal surges. Sharosoti Mondal is surviving in this village copping with these vulnerabilities. She got married in 2001 when she was 14 years of old. Due to early married, she did not continue her study. Her husband is very poor and has only 10 decimal land.

They have one daughter (12) and one son (9). Her husband Prosanto Mondal (38) is a day laborer. Depends on her husband’s income they pass their life with miserable condition, they could not eat everyday even. In 2012 LEDARS stared a project entitled “Strengthening Livelihood Security of Climate Change Vulnerable People” supported by Bread for the World. Sharosoti’s family was selected as a vulnerable family for the project. She was selected for the support of Income Generating Activities of the project. They make a plan for small business before involving with LEDARS. But due to lack of capital they could not start their business. Under the mentioned project, she got a training and cash support and started to produce paper bags. Shorosoti started to make paper bag and her husband sell those bags in local market. Through this business she has saved 45 thousand taka. Now they adopted a new plan to buy a paper cutting machine for preparation of bag in a large scale which price is 170,000 taka. She has a dream to build a nice house for their family and continue the study of their kids. Shorosoti said, “now we are happy and well. I have access to take decision for overall development of my family. People of my village are also inspiring to continue my business. I am grateful to LEDARS and Bread for the World for the support”.