Deep tube well installation for climate resilient agriculture in coastal area

Bangladesh is a natural hazard prone country and every year it faces many risks due to the natural hazard. Shaymnagar Upazilla under Satkhira district and Koyra Upazilla under Khulna district are two of most vulnerable coastal Upazillas of Bangladesh and it faces many risks like salinity intrusion, salinity increase, water logging, floods, less cropping etc. due to the natural hazard. Once upon a time agriculture are main occupation of the people in this area. But the agriculture system is being going down due to salinity increase in soil and water and lack of irrigation in dry season. Specially after cyclone AILA in 2009, people could not cultivate paddy and vegetable due to salinity.

The ground water is sweet in some places and brackish water rest of the places of this two upazila. LEDARS is trying to introduce saline tolerant agriculture in brackish water zone through install deep tube well and provide support to cultivate agriculture using brackish water. And LEDARS also support farmers to install deep tube well in sweet water zone for introduce second crop and round the year crop. Till now LEDARS installed 4 deep tube wells in Shyamnagar and Koyra area under project “Strengthening Livelihood Security of Climate Change Vulnerable People” funded by Bread for the World (BROT). Due to the deep tube well establishment, farmers of these surroundings area are now enjoying smooth irrigation facilities for dry season cropping. Farmers are happy with the deep tube well support. Now the deep tube well is lifeline of the surrounding communities.