Cyclone Amphan deadly hit in the coastal area in May 2020. Since then people are remain under water without embankment and no drinking water. A human chain and memorandum submission has been organized has been organized in Asashuni upaliza of Satkhira district 15th February 2021. The Civil Society Forum and Upazila Climate Advisory Forum organized this event with support of LEDARS funded by Bread for the world. More than 2500 people attended the event. The Human Chain was presided over by Mr. Alhaj Md. Ruhul Amin, President of Asashuni Civil Society and former Principal of Government College. In his speech, he said that not only old dams should be repaired but also have to ensure new designs sustainable embankment construction considering rising sea level. They also urged to ensure drinking water to all people of the coastal area.


“If there is no sustainable embankment in the coastal areas has been constructed, people will migrate from here”. Coastal areas will become uninhabitable. Therefore, the demand to the government is to build a sustainable embankment very soon to relieve the suffering of the coastal people. In his concluding remarks, the President said, “We will work together to tackle the problem of climate change. Announcing the end of today’s program, he wished good health and long life to all.