On Monday (September 19) Ashashuni Upazila Climate Advocacy Forum and Ashashuni Upazila Youth Forum organized a human chain in the Asashuni Upazila Road area with the cooperation of LEDARS, a non-governmental development organization, demanding the adoption of a rapid integrated plan for the southwest coast.

The human chain was presided over by Mr. Md. Abdul Hannan, President of Ashasuni Climate Advocacy Forum. Mr. Md. Ahsan Habib, president of Ashasuni Upazila Press Club, Ms Marufa Begum, Female Member of Sadar Union Parishad, Ms Minoti Rani Sarkar, Treasurer of the Forum also delivered their speech.

Speakers in the human chain demanded that the crisis in coastal public life is constantly increasing due to the harmful effects of climate change. People are living an inhuman life on the embankment due to loss of their habitat. The coastal area should have to be declared as a special risk area or climate risk area and an integrated plan should be adopted to mitigate the risks.

Demanding to take effective steps to improve the quality of life of the people of the south-west coastal region, the speakers said, the government should take steps to increase adaptation skills to deal with the harmful effects of climate change. In the future, the interests of the coastal people who are at risk of disasters should be prioritized in the government’s projects. Safe water should be guaranteed in the south-west coast, sustainable embankments should be built, and special projects should be undertaken in the south-west coast to provide necessary assistance to the common people to build disaster-resilient houses.