Climate Change Initiatives

LEDARS is working in the climate change issue since 2003 when RVCC project started in the southwest region of Bangladesh implemented by CARE Bangladesh.

Background: Due to global Climate Change and sea level raise (SLR) the southwest coastal region become most vulnerable in Bangladesh. Salinity increasing in the coastal land and agriculture is decreasing, drinking water sources damaging for salinity intrusion. Coastal flooding and other natural disaster increasing in the coastal region. Thus the southwest Bangladesh is going to be a most vulnerable. Recently cyclone SIDR (2007), AILA (2009) devastated the area and most of the infrastructure damaged including the sanitation facilities and drinking water sources. People are leaving this area for better livelihoods. But the national Government are not consider southwest most vulnerable. It is necessary to advocate with National Government and also global leaders to sensitize the issue. For that LEDARS with some like minded organization (like BAPA, BELA) moving together to save people of coastal region of Bangladesh.

Pdf Link: LEDARS_Climate_Change_initiatives