Climate Action Week, Satkhira demanded free the canal and river for climate resilient.

World River Day Celebration
World River Day has been celebrated on the celebration of Global Climate Action week-2019, at 22 September 2019 in front of Shyamnagar Upazila Pressclub. A human chain was organized under the chairmanship of freedom fighter Md. Nazrul Islam, Vice-President of the Executive Committee of LEDARS. Mohan Kumar Mondal, Executive Director of LEDARS and Mr. Ranjit Barman, General Secretary of Shyamnagar Upazila Advisory Committee and member of Press Club, delivered their speech on this human chain. Speakers of human chain demanded to the government to cancel the lease of rivers and canals to reduce waterlogging and promote multiple crops in one crop field on World River Day. Demands of the World River Day are,

  1. Need to free from all illegal grabbing of rivers and canal and ensure access of poor people so that they can use the resource which is necessary for resilient of livelihoods,
  2. Stop water pollution in the river
  3. Conform the natural water flow of the river through ensuring the river excavation.
  4. Needed to ensure all required measures to stop river erosion that falling the adjacent people in vulnerable situation,
  5. Stop all the negative activities that making barrier on water flow in the river.