Climate victim people of Kashimari Union of Shyamnagar Upazila of Satkhira district carries out a shoe-strike event at the date of 24 September 2020 in front of Kashimari Union council office to observe the global climate action week 2020. Local people took part in the strike and express their vulnerability due to climate change and frequent disaster. By showing the shoe, we have tried to show their dissatisfaction towards the global leaders and their silence activity for the global change issue. The participants of shoe strike, said that “the cyclone intensity and frequency already been increased in this area, Cyclone Amphan disrupted the local embankments and overflow of water affected the daily life, livelihoods, destroyed the crops, water and other income sources as well as destroyed the shelter significantly. They demand compensation from the countries that are responsible for climate change. Shyamnagar Upazila Youth Forum, Youthnet for Climate Justice, Islamic Relief Bangladesh and LEDARS express solidarity with the Shoe-Strike.