Gabura is the remote Sundarban island in Bangladesh is the most vulnerable area due to global climate change and worst affected in any kind of natural and climate induced disaster. People are suffering most and migrating for the area for better life. In demand of climate justice, the youth of Gabura has organized a climate strike on 20th September’20 at the embankment of Kholpetua River at Gabura union of Shyamnagar sub-district with support of LEDARS. Youth of other adjacent union Burigaolini and Munsiganj has also take part and express solidarity with the demand of coastal Youth. Youth demanded the compensation to developed and urged for reduce carbon emission by showing colorful placard and festoon.
Speakers at the program said that due to climate change “various disasters, like; cyclones, droughts, heavy rains, river erosion, especially salinity are increasing in every year”. The people of this region are leaving the land due to the severe effect of climate disaster. While the whole world is affected by COVID-19, one after disaster has hit the coast of Satkhira. Meanwhile, the Shyamnagar Upazila Youth Forum, Youth Net for Climate Justice, CEDIO Team and Islamic Relief Bangladesh has expressed solidarity with the youth program demanding climate justice.