Coastal areas of Bangladesh have become uninhabitable due to climate change, frequent natural disasters, drinking water scarcity, and salinity intrusion etc. Sustainable embankment and potable water are the long standing demands of the people of this area. The civil society of Satkhira has demanded the construction of new design of sustainable embankment instead of repairing the old embankment and ensuring potable water keeping in mind the rising sea level due to climate change. On June 8, 2020, at 10 am, a boat chain was held at Kholpetua river in Burigoalini union of Shyamnagar upazila of Satkhira district demanding reconstruction of coastal embankment and assurance of potable water in the climate affected area and later floating press conference in the river. Satkhira Nagorik Committee, Satkhira Zilla  Nagorik Andolon Moncho, Climate Council, Shyamnagar Upazila Youth Forum and Gabura Climate Resilient Forum initiated this boat chain program in keeping with the social distance. Mr. Amjad Hossain, President of Gabura Climate Resilient Forum, Mr. Ashek-e-Ilahi, President of Climate Council and others spoke on the occasion. Shyamnagar Upazila Chairman S.M. Ataul Haque Dolan, Burigoalini Union Chairman Bhabatosh Kumar Mandal and Shyamnagar Upazila Women’s Vice Chairman Khaleda Ayub Dolly spoke in solidarity with the program. Mr. Abul Kalam Azad, Convener of Satkhira Zilla Nagorik Committee, in his speech said that in this 20th century when we open tabs at home to drink water, a woman has to walk 3/4 km every day in the coastal area to collect that water. They have to stand in the relief line of NGOs to get potable water. It is inhuman and disrespectful. He added that for the management of the embankment an emergency fund should be formed under the Union Parishad / Upazila Parishad and the local Union Parishad should be involved in the management of the embankment. Mohan Kumar Mandal, Executive Director of LEDARS, read out a written statement at the press conference. Varun Banerjee of 71 TV also spoke. Ali Nur Khan Bablu of Satkhira Nagorik Committee presented the press conference. President of Satkhira District Citizens’ Movement Manch Md. Faimul Haque Kislu presided over the press conference. LEDARS, Islamic Relief and Progoti, non-governmental development organizations, expressed solidarity at the boat chain and press conference.