Asit Mondal

Position: Admin Officer
Email Id:
Phone: +8801409-961504

 Extend all cooperation to evaluators during internal and external evaluation,
 Prepare job advertisement for required or vacant position.
 Maintain all personal file and keep up-to-date.
 Support of finance officer finance assistance and their performance appraisal.
 Supervise the store and stock register properly.
 Ensure internal control over fund utilization, assets management and internal audits.
 Ensure office security like official keys are kept under safe custody.
 Maintain all personal files and information keep, maintain a total list of the vehicles, ensure log books and use of engine oil up-to-date.
 Supervise of procurement committee, finance officer, store, stocks register, fixed asset register as per policy of the organization and donor compliance.
 Provide logistic support for the nation and local travel of staff,
 Provide necessary input for budget preparation/revision. Control over expenses as per budget and donor compliance.
 Monitoring all field level activities workshop training on behalf of LEDARS management.

Education and Experience:
BA (Hons) MA In Philosophy,
Have about 14 years working experience in the senior managerial level in the development and admin sector.