LEDARS has been working in the Southwest coastal area, the most disaster prone area, of Bangladesh in the district of Satkhira and Khulna. Recently Cyclone Amphan terribly hit the area on 20th May 2020, and caused lots of poultry firm, honey firm, crab firm and households damaged. Now the scenario has been harder. People are suffering from serious food crisis. It is unfortunate but true that many of them have no food. Sometimes they are living without food but only water. In these circumstances LEDARS has started food support for those people who are at water detention because of cyclone Amphan. More than 1000 families got the food support. On 20 June 2020, Food gifts containing 10 kg rice, 1 kg pulse, 2 kg potatoes, 1 litre oil, 1 kg salt, 1 soap, 3 mask, 1 packet sanitary napkins and 4 packets saline were distributed to 250 families affected by Cyclone Amphan in Burigoalini Union of Shyamnagar Upazila with the presence of Burigoalini Union Chairman Babu Bhabatosh Kumar Mandal, Panel Chairman Mr. Md. Abdur Rauf, Members of Ward No. 6 and 9 Mr. Kamrul Islam and Mr. Swapan Kumar Haldar. Same day 205 families got the food gift at Assasuni Upazila under Satkhira District. On 22 and 24 June, the gift was distributed to total more than 600 families at respectively Kasimari and Gabura Union of Shyamnagar Upazila. Previously from 23 may 2020, dry food (flat rice, gur, batasa and saline) was supplied to Amphan affected people in Burigoalini, Assasuni and Gabura union for one month.

It is needed to mention that since 19 may 2020, LEDARS started working for the Amphan risky and affected people making people conscious through miking and rescuing them to safe areas. On 20 may 2020, LEDARS allocated total 136 piece bucket, 136 piece mug, 100 piece soap, 22 kg bleaching powder, 440 kg flat rice and 120 kg gur at 44 cyclone shelter of Burigoalini, Munshiganj, Ramjannagar and Iswaripur union under Satkhira District. Also 400 kg flat rice, 4 kg gur, 10 kg batasa and 400 pieces saline were allocated to the people working at embankment rebuilding places of Burigoalini and Gabura union under Satkhira District.